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We know that we are strongest when we work together. We need to build a national movement for proportional representation so that MPs know Canadians care about making every vote count. 

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Leadnow | February 8, 2017

Help Us Bring ER Back

The Liberals have announced that they will not be following through on their election promise to replace our broken first-past-the-post electoral system.

We need to let MPs, particularly Liberal MPs, know this betrayal is unacceptable. If we keep up the pressure on our MPs and let them know there could be political consequences to breaking their word, the Liberals will start looking for a way to win back our support and our votes.

This latest betrayal hurts the Liberal brand, and Liberal MPs are getting nervous. There’s still an opportunity to put electoral reform back on the table - but the clock is ticking and there's not a lot of time to make a difference. Read on for updates on how you can help #BringERBack.

Step 1: Send Justin Trudeau and your MP a message.

Use the box on our home page to send a strong and clear message to the Liberals that this betrayal is unacceptable. 

Step 2: Make a phone call to Justin Trudeau using our quick and easy tool.

Over 1600 people have already made phone calls, so let's keep it up! A steady stream of calls over the next few weeks will send a strong message that we are taking this broken promise very seriously. Click here to access our 'click to call' tool. All you need to do is have a phone handy, enter your info, and the system will connect you automatically to the Prime Minister's Office.

Step 3: Visit Your MP

Over the next week we need as many people as possible to visit their MPs to tell them we want electoral reform back on the table. If you have a Liberal MP you can tell them that this decion is unacceptable. If you have another MP, you can ask them to fight for electoral reform in Parliament.

Click here to watch our community huddle on voting reform, which gives an update on our strategy moving forward and more details on this tactic. On that page you can sign up to meet your MP in the next week, and someone from Leadnow will call you to ask you how it went. 

We've also developed a toolkit to help you prepare for your drop-in visit. Sign up to get your copy!