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We know that we are strongest when we work together. We need to build a national movement for proportional representation so that MPs know Canadians care about making every vote count. 

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Breaking: Justin Trudeau is breaking his promise on voting reform. We need to get it back on the table - Click here to learn how to loop into our strategy. 

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URGENT: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced he is breaking his promise to replace our broken voting system and make every vote count. Use the box to the right to let him know this is unacceptable.

The Vote Better campaign is about bringing people together to speak up in favour of proportional representation. Our broken voting system means that a divisive and hateful political leader could win 100% of the power with as little as 39% of the popular vote. We need a voting system that is fair and inclusive. We need proportional representation.

With a Canadian-made proportional representation system, we can have:

  • Fair elections where every vote counts

  • Inclusive government that is more representative of Canada’s diversity

  • Collaborative democracy that can make real progress on the challenges of our time

Add your voice to the thousands of people who have already called on Prime Minister Trudeau to introduce a proportional representation system for Canada.

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What is Proportional Representation?


40% of the votes = 100% of the power

If you feel like your vote doesn’t count, you’re not alone. Thanks to our current first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system, the candidate with the highest number of votes wins, even if they have less than 50% of the vote.

Under FPTP, an MP can win their seat with as little as 30% of the popular vote. That means the other 70% of people who voted for other candidates are left unrepresented. 

FPTP means there are millions of wasted votes at each and every election. It also means that parties can win a majority of the seats in Parliament without support from a majority of Canadians.

Proportional Representation

40% of the votes = 40% of the power

Proportional representation (PR) is the principle that all votes should contribute to the result of an election. With PR, the share of seats a party wins would roughly match their share of the popular vote. No more wasted votes. No more false majority governments.

PR would mean fair elections where every vote counts, more diversity in Parliament, and more collaboration between political parties. It’s used by over 90 countries around the world, including places like Germany, New Zealand and Sweden.

The Leadnow community hasn't endorsed a particular type of PR system yet. Two examples of PR systems that are tried and tested in other parts of the world are Mixed-Member Proportional and Single Transferable Vote. Learn more about them here!

Why Now?

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make every vote count.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals made a promise in the 2015 election to make every vote count. Now a special all-party committee has been struck to study voting reform. Over the summer, they’ll be consulting with experts and Canadians, and will make a recommendation on how to fix our broken voting system by December 1st.

But there are some in the parties and media who want to keep our broken, outdated and unfair system. If MPs think we aren’t engaged, we could get stuck with another unfair voting system - or even the status quo. But if we come together and build a movement in support of proportional representation, we can hold Prime Minister Trudeau to his promise.

Click here to learn more about the government's consultation process.

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Over the last week and a half, the Leadnow community responded to what the media called a ‘trial balloon’ from the Prime Minister. Both PM Trudeau and Minister Monsef have said that they aren’t sure they’ve heard strongly that Canadians want these changes, and that they won’t move ahead without ‘broad support’.[2-3]

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